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Tri club blog post 

Thank you!

We want to encourage our members to try new events.  Describing your day will go a long way towards that.  Please complete every field before submitting.  You can type your text in another programme and copy and paste it into the fields below.

Before the Race Starts

Describe the build up to your event.  How did your training go?  Describe how you felt, were you nervous?  Were you competing with friends and/or other club members.  What were you hoping to achieve?

The Race

How were you feeling as the race started?  What was on your mind thinking ahead to the next stage?  Did your race go as planned?  Was there good support.  Describe the surroundings etc.  Any funny stories from your journey?

The Finish

Did the finish line come soon enough?  How were you feeling towards the end of the race?  Was everyone supportive?  What were your finishing times; was it a PB for you?  Would you recommend the race to anyone else? 

Thanks for submitting!

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