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Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast Featuring Famous Sportive Mountains Summary by Bern William alongside Sasha Tourbassova and Matthew Peck

This was not your ordinary Coast to Coast Bike Ride as I purposely include the hardest elevation en route to make it interesting and challenging. No doubt it was challenging as my legs turn to jelly after the 1st day. What make it worth doing was when we are on top of the world, the view was incredibly beautiful! The Highlight of the ride was we work as a team on the road like the pro on TV with support crew in the car. Big Thanks to Pav, Zoe with 2 mascots Baby Nikolas and Isabella for been there to support all of us.

Total Distance: 292.83KM Total Elevation: 4,459meter

Day 1 - The Hardest day among 3 days. We are lucky with the weather as it was sunny the whole day, as soon we finish with Hardknott Pass, we strip off our winter gears to summer gears as all of us are sweating so badly. This is where our support crews, Pav play import roles as all extra kits was in the car. The air much lighter than in the south, if you stand still long enough, you will feel the cold. Proud to say, I cycle all the way up with few stops without walking the hill, except Hardknott Pass, it is impossible for me clip back my shoes into my pedals. 50% walk, 50% cycle for me there. Might come back to it in the future and cycle all the way up without walking. Famous Mountain involve: Hardknott Pass (Top 7 the steepest in UK) , Wrynose Pass and The Struggles (Top 7 the steepest in UK)

Day 2 – Begin the ride with the jelly legs. Yet again, we are lucky with the weather as it is like the 1st day. Unfortunately, the wind was insanely strong (25-30kph according to BBC weather forecast), and it feel like we have head wind from start to finish. I’m so lucky to have Iron Lady in my team who can hold 20kph average while leading the ride for most of the ride. I try to give her rest now and again for few minutes to keep 20kph average. She is a machine for a reason. Cycling in Yorkshire Dales are amazing other than it was so windy. See a lot of wildlife with scenic route for most of the time. Funny part of the ride was where we stop for coffee, their washroom tends to not working ha ha.

Day 3 – My body start to get use to the intensity back to back ride, unfortunately, not my stomach ha ha. Remind me of Day 7 in my JOGLE bike ride. The weather that day was 50% sunny and 50% light rain. We are lucky, we stop for coffee before heavy rain and back on the saddle when heavy rain passed. Famous Sportive Mountain involve: Rosedale Chimney and Heygate Bank Next Project will be North Coast 500.



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