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The Drop

by Richard Wood

The drop is a 10 or 15 mile running race with a difference. You are put on a bus blindfolded and taken to an unknown destination with no map, technology, watch or idea where you will be left. The aim is to make your way back to the point you started at.

Running the race for JBR were –

Aaron Spence

Ali Killick

John Brown

Dave Jacobs

Richard day


It was an early start as with most races. 2 cars took us to the start point at Mill Hill Northwest 7.

On arrival we were met by the race organiser who explained a little more about the day’s activities and surprisingly told us that London had the lowest turnout for the drop. It is held in many cities across the country.

We were soon given our blindfolds and led to the coach which was to take us to a start point. We were given bags in which we had to seal our phones and watches and a small packet of emergency sweets (although I ate mine before we finished our coach journey). I sat next to Dave Jacobs on the coach, and I must say it was a strange and quite amusing experience being blindfolded.

When we finally got to our destination the coach driver allowed us to remove our blindfolds. When we left the coach, I saw a postcode written above a bus stop which began with the letters IG putting us in the Ilford area. Dave Jacobs and John Brown took control of directions more or less immediately with their knowledge of London. Most people had got themselves into groups as we had, and we first found ourselves in Walthamstow. We could still see most groups were near to us. We moved on to Tottenham where we saw less groups around. We then went through Southgate and then on to Barnet using whatever we could for directions - quite often maps at bus stops or generally asking people. We were running at a good steady pace but soon realised we would likely go over the 10 miles that we had signed up for. As we got towards Finchley me and Aaron Spence saw a group that we hadn't seen for a while just ahead and we deduced that this must be the lead pack and then took a decision - met with some controversy - to rush ahead of this group. we eventually got to the to the headquarters in 1st place closely followed by the rest of JBR.

All in all, the drop is a good race and it's definitely worth doing if you fancy something a little different.

The next London race is scheduled for March 3rd 2024.



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